“Balcony did a fab job of making us a custom tshirt. We wanted a leaving present for someone in our team at work and had a vague idea about what we wanted but Balcony Shirts did a great job of turning our half-baked idea into something witty and amusing! All we did was email the shop with a pic we wanted on the tshirt and some suggested wording and they came up with the perfect design: great font, great colour and great Photoshoppping skills. It was made quickly and we picked it up the next day. Thanks so much. The present went down really well and I would really recommend Balcony Shirts for original presents.”

Charlotte Stamper
London Borough of Hillingdon

“I had some printed tees made up for my ‘Race For Life’ event last year.  I was able to get them printed within a few minutes and they were fabulous. I had them printed as a surprise for my friends and family who were running with me and everyone was really pleased with them!  They looked great on the day and really stood out, we even had our picture taken for the local radio station’s website!  The price was very reasonable as well so I was able to afford them by myself. Thank you so much guys!

Nicola Fox 
Online Customer

“Last year I was the subject of a special birthday. My wife had the bright idea to get a t-shirt made for me by the good people at Balcony Shirts. She dug out an old flyer from my band and the guys at Balcony Shirts done the rest. It was a lovely and unique idea for a present and my wife said that the service she received was fantastic.”

Mr Tolley